Program of Activities

Daily Worship in Chapel

Hands-on experience through the following centers:


Block Center

This center enhances math concepts, reasoning, cause/effect, socialization and language skills.


Dramatic Play Center

Children act out or practice what they see in life. This center encourages socialization, positive emotional growth, creativity, speech and language development.


Creative Art Center

This center stresses creative expression, self-concept, and fine motor skills (necessary for printing). Process is more important than product.


Manipulative Center

This center stresses fine motor skills and encourages children to think, reason, and question with activities which include labeling, classifying and sorting, sequencing and patterning, etc.


Writing Center

This center develops fine motor skills and encourages important literacy skills, such as concepts of print, functions of print, and phonological awareness.


Discovery Center

This center encourages exploration through the use of the five senses, experimentation, documentation, and follow-through.


Sensory Center

This center is designed to give children additional tactile experiences. Rice, water, sand, oatmeal, etc. with measuring spoons, cups, etc. provide endless opportunities for science and math concepts.


Library/Cozy Corner

This is a quiet comfortable area which encourages introspection, appreciation for books, listening skills (tapes), self-expression (flannel board puppets), and language development.